Gun drill represents advanced and efficient hole processing technology. Gun drill can be used not only to process deep holes (length diameter ratio > 10), but also to process precision shallow holes. Gun drill generally consists of drill stem, drill pipe and drill bit. There is a through hole in the middle of the gun drill, which is the channel for cutting fluid to enter the cutting area.

Drill is the key part of gun drill. The material is cemented carbide. Its unique and scientific combination structure ensures that it can complete the cutting work and also play the role of self guiding. It can get a high-precision deep hole through one time.


The drill has two basic angles, the outer angle and the inner angle. The most appropriate combination can be selected according to the material and aperture of the workpiece to be cut, so as to better balance the cutting force and chip breaking in the work, and transfer the cutting force to the support shoulder to ensure good straightness and coaxiality.

The bit has a very small inverted cone with a slightly larger diameter than the tool holder. The drill pipe can rotate freely in the cutting hole without rubbing the inner wall of the hole.

The drill pipe is made of high quality alloy steel by rolling, heat treatment, straightening and other processes. The drill pipe rolled 118 °~ one hundred and twenty ° V-shaped groove for chip removal.


Machining accuracy of gun drill

The following processing effects can be achieved by using suitable deep hole processing machine tools and cutting parameters

Aperture size: it6-it611

Inner hole roughness: ra0.2-ra6.3

Skewness: 1 / 1000 × The depth of the hole is fixed and the tool rotates

0.5/1000 × The depth of the hole, workpiece rotation, tool reverse rotation

Processing efficiency of gun drill

Because of the special tool structure of gun drill, in deep hole processing, there is no need to remove the chip, once processing to the depth. The deeper the hole is, the more efficient the machining is. According to the different materials and aperture, the processing speed can reach more than 30-100 mm / min.

DRILLSTAR high quality gun drill

DRILLSTAR gun drill, from the grinding of drill bit, the rolling and heat treatment of cutter rod, the welding of drill bit and drill pipe, adopts advanced technology and equipment in every process, and implements strict inspection standards, so as to ensure the excellent quality of every gun drill delivered to you!

Post time: May-26-2021
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